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So the level of service that I am receiving from this developer is like nothing I have ever met before. He codes, designs, promotes and provides an extremely high level of customer support. A combo you do not find everyday! I am also immensely satisfied with this Theme and the flexibility it allows to make your site look just like you want it to!
Yacin Dehairi
Envato customer
This is a beautifully designed theme, with a huge amount of customisation available. The author, Pavel is incredibly quick and helpful in his responses. Even before I bought the theme, I messaged him with a few questions and he replied almost instantly with screenshots explaining how to do the tings I asked about (which has continued after purchase too). Excellent support!! Hopefully the theme will continue to be developed with new features and tweaks.
Isa Khan
Envato customer
The quality, design and features are amazing! This theme can do anything. I was looking for a theme that had a lot of flexibility, video, movement, and animation and this has it all. It's beautiful and one of the best theme's I've seen that is customizable. The author is super knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. I highly recommend it.
Lisa Marchant
Envato customer
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